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Checkpoint A / Abusol is experienced in open house days, fairs, conferences with workshops, family days, events with table management, seating, accreditation, ticket sales and much more... Even if you organize an event that isn't common for us, we would love to help you optimize your registrations and visitor flow.

Conferences with workshops

To let everything run smoothly during the check-in at a conference this tool is easily usable. People are able to choose their personal program on which limits are set on the number of participants. A better estimate can be made on how many people will be present at the event and it’s possible to communicate this to catering, childcare, etc. It’s also possible to print badges with on the backside a personalized program.

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Registration process for fairs

Communication is of great importance leading up to a fair. Two target groups are important: the visitors and the exhibitors. Give your exhibitors the right information about the visitors, the prices of the exhibition booths and sponsor packages. Make sure the right public is informed about the fair. They will make time for the fair if they get the right information through workshops, seminars and exhibitors.

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Table management

Are you organizing an event where companies have the chance to buy a table or where sponsors are entitled to a table? Are you looking for a way to make the invitation and registration process professional and efficient? Then this solution will certainly interest you.

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Are you organizing an event where you want to have the visitors present at seats that have been allocated permanently? Through this seating solution you can keep track of the guest lists and the seating in a professional and user-friendly way. This way you avoid not only endless puzzling with paper seating charts, but also prevent unwanted chaos at the event.

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Digital signature

You organize an event where your guests have to leave their signature on arrival or departure? You want to minimize all additional red tape?
You want to avoid long queues? Through our Signature solution we can let your visitors sign digitally at check-in or check-out.

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Open day

You want to introduce a large audience to the operation of your company or organization? Participants can easily register on the basis of a registration website. As an organizer you always keep an overview of the number of visitors you can expect. So you can also briefly play on other aspects of the event and fine-tune everything.

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Every opening or inauguration is a joyeus event. A period of hard work, planning and organization is coming to an end, and that is being celebrated with the appropriate festivities. In order to have a clear overview of who will actually be present, you can register the invitees (with or without a partner) on the registration website that's made in the look & feel of the event.

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Family Day

To plan everything to the letter for a family day, is it useful to know in advance how many visitors you can expect and more important is the breakdown by adults (staff members and partners), children, activities, etc. People can put together their own program, registration for activities can be closed automatically when the limit is reached, etc.

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