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Checkpoint A / Abusol is experienced in open house days, fairs, congresses with workshops, family days, events with table management, seating, accreditation, ticket sales and much more... Even if you organize an event that isn't common for us, we would love to help you optimize your registrations and visitor flow.

Communication is of great importance leading up to a fair. Two target groups are important: the visitors and the exhibitors. Give your exhibitors the right information about the visitors, the prices of the exhibition booths and sponsor packages. Make sure the right public is informed about the fair. They will make time for the fair if they get the right information through workshops, seminars and exhibitors.

Use MAILINGS to announce information

  • Save the date mailing to save the date in your journal
  • ​Invitations for the event (with link to the registration website)
  • Reminder to those who aren’t yet registered
  • Mail with practical info & tickets a few days before the event
  • Thank you mail after the event with link to photos


Use a REGISTRATION WEBSITE to gather all marketing information through a registration form

  • Who is coming?
  • What are the contact details of the visitors?
  • To which workshops?
  • Automatically closed when limit is reached
  • Payment/invoice

Give the necessary information to the visitor through the registration website:

  • The exhibitors
  • The program
  • The different workshops
  • Info about the speakers and photos


Visitor receives automatically a CONFIRMATION EMAIL

  • After registering, a confirmation email is sent automatically. This way the visitor can easily confirm his participation and he immediately gets all practical information.
  • Using a barcode in the confirmation email will make the check-in run smoother


Make a difference between the visitors and exhibitors by using PERSONALIZED BADGES

  • At the check-in the visitor is validated by scanning the barcode or looking him up by name, company, etc
  • At the check-in you can work with pre-printed badges, live-badgeprinting or no badges
  • At fairs it is often that PVC-badges are used for the exhibitors and thermal labels for the visitors


GATHER LEADS at your exhibition booth

  • Follow your visitors throughout the fair by scanning the barcode on their badge
  • Sales teams and exhibitors can gather leads of visitors on smartphones or tablets and increase the success rate of your fair participation immediately
  • Extra information can be sent to people who show interest


Who participate in which WORKSHOP?

  • Find out who took your workshop
  • Check who has access to which workshop by scanning the badge of the visitor



  • During the check-in you have a permanent overview on how many people are already present and how many aren’t.  You can immediately check if person x is already checked-in
  • After the event you receive a detailed list of who was and wasn’t present and who was added on-site. You also receive a overview of each action at the check-in (when check-in, when check-out, which workshop, etc.)




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