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Checkpoint A / Abusol is experienced in open house days, fairs, congresses with workshops, family days, events with table management, seating, accreditation, ticket sales and much more... Even if you organize an event that isn't common for us, we would love to help you optimize your registrations and visitor flow.

You want to introduce a large audience to the operation of your company or organization? Participants can easily register on the basis of a registration website. As an organizer you always keep an overview of the number of visitors you can expect. So you can also briefly play on other aspects of the event and fine-tune everything.



Type mailings:

  • Save the date
  • Invitation     
  • Reminder     
  • Mail with practical info    
  • Thank you mail     
  • SMS reminder


  • Barcode / QR code can be provided
  • Someone can be addressed personally
  • Personal information can be entered automatically on the form



Collect all information via the form:

  • Who is coming?
  • Do they bring their partner?
  • Are the children coming?
  • Which course do they want to follow?
  • Which workshop (s) do they want to participate in?
  • Limit the number of participants per workshop
  • Automatic shutdown if full
  • Payment / invoice

Provide all necessary information to the visitor via the registration website:

  • The program     
  • The different workshops   
  • Explanation and photos of the speakers
  • ...




Check-in by:

  • Scanning of barcode     
  • Search by name, company, ...     
  • Without badges (only registration of visitors)     
  • With pre-printed badges     
  • With badges printed on the spot     

The personal program can be printed on the badge.     

Personal barcode / QR code can be printed on the badge for further follow-up during the event.

Strict safety rules?     

  • Where is the visitor located?
  • At which moment?     
  • Everyone can be followed up on the basis of a badge with barcode / QR code     
  • Scan the visitors to different checkpoints spread over the company site


Example: Mercedes customer day in a quarry

On site, the pre-registration tickets of the visitors were validated. If they had not registered in advance, they could still register on site and reserve a test drive.

Their personalized badge was printed with the name and on the back the test drive information. If this was requested during the pre-registration, an SMS was automatically sent to the responsible seller when scanning, so that a personal reception was possible.

On departure and return of the test drive the badge was scanned to follow who was present. After the event, all information could be used for further sales and marketing follow-up.






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