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Checkpoint A / Abusol is experienced in open house days, fairs, congresses with workshops, family days, events with table management, seating, accreditation, ticket sales and much more... Even if you organize an event that isn't common for us, we would love to help you optimize your registrations and visitor flow.

You organize an event where your guests have to leave their signature on arrival or departure?
You want to minimize all additional red tape?
You want to avoid long queues?

Through our Signature solution we can let your visitors sign digitally at check-in or check-out.

No more discussions about:

  • receiving valuable gifts     
  • the effective participation in seminars or workshops for SME portfolios     
  • receiving certain certificates or certain liability during an event    
  •  ...


After the event you will receive the full report with all the signatures, so that you can follow up on the further progress of the project with the correct data.



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