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Access control and accreditation

Accreditation, access control crew



With big events it is important to make a distinction in which zones different members of staff are allowed to be. We can provide solutions for this challenge by printing different types of access badges on the spot or control the access at the entrance of the different zones.



Printing accreditation badges

  • Print various layouts of badges according to the level of access (players, catering, all access, medical staff,...)
  • Personalize the badge with a photo from the eID card, or with a new photo on the spot
  • Add a bar code in case the movement of the person has to be known


Access control to various zones by scanning a bar code

  • Define the access right for each zone for every person
  • Define on all hand held devices for which zone they will be used
  • Scan the bar code on the crew badge
  • If a person is allowed to access a zone the a green bar will appear on the device, if not, a red bar will appear
  • Data of the zone access is also registered, so it can be used for later analysis



  • Good organization and management of support staff
  • Presence reports
  • Improved security