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A personalized badge
for every guest

During the welcome and check-in, we provide the required personalized badges. Several solutions are possible, depending on your wishes.

Pre-printing or 'live' printing?

At the check-in we can provide either pre-printed badges or badges that are print 'live' on the spot. For 'live' badge printing we can process up to 200 visitors per hour per scanner. Pre-printed badges are delivered on trays (maximum 100 badges per tray) or in small cardboard boxes and can be sorted by name or company.

Different types of badges

For both pre-printed badges and 'live' badge printing we offer different types of badges (PVC, conference badges, wristbands, thermal cards or stickers, ...). For each badge we have custom fixing methods: alligator clip, pin, self-adhesive, lanyard, ...

  • Badges in the house style of your event: all badges are personalized according to the corporate identity of your event, supplemented with additional branding or sponsors.

  • Extra info on the badges: if desired, we can add a personalized program on the badges, or seating or table number for your visitors. With live badge printing our solution is flexible in any circumstance (for example: cancellations, ...). Furthermore, we can provide the badge with a barcode or RFID, so you can have a follow up of the visitors during the event (for example: visits to a trade fair stand or workshop)