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A personalized
invitation for
every guest

Sending invitations for an event varies from simple to advanced. For example, you can send each potential guest the same invitation with a link to the registration site. Or another option is sending a personal invitation by name with an access code. Checkpoint A / Abusol thinks along with you and guarantees a tailor-made solution.

Personalized invitation mail with professional follow-up

By sending an automated invitation via our software platform you can save a lot of time and you are assured of a professional follow-up.

  1. You provide us with the list of potential guests in Excel.

  2. In consultation with you, we realize the layout and content of the invitation email.

  3. We send the mailing to the invitees, personalized by name, optionally with a personal access code. By using personal access codes on the registration website, the details of the guests you provided in advance can be filled in automatically. This can make the registration process for your guests a lot easier.

  4. We provide a report of who read the invitation e-mail and whether the person clicked through to the registration website.

Additional mailings for your event

Of course, the communication with your guests doesn't stop after sending the invitation e-mail. You can count on us for all other e-mails that are necessary for a successful event.

  • Save the date, so that people know that your event is on the way and keep the date in their diary free. That way you create a first expectation to the invitation e-mail.

  • Confirmation mail: after registration via the registration website, your guests will receive a confirmation e-mail. We can add a personal barcode to speed up the registration upon arrival at the event. Optionally, the confirmation e-mail can contain a web link for updating your personal details or to cancel the registration.

  • Reminder mail: we send a reminder e-mail to all potential customers who have not yet responded to your invitation.

  • Practical info mail: a few days before the event we send an e-mail with all practical information. This can also be personalized per guest with custom information about chosen workshops, seating or table management.

  • Thank you mail: after your successful event, we send a mailing with a thank you for the presence. This mailing can be linked to a website with photos, videos, ...