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A flawless check-in
for a successful start
of your event

We offer a tailor-made service for the welcome and check-in of your guests. We guarantee a smooth welcome without paper lists and long queues. Through our automated check-in we identify your guests quickly and easily by either name or barcode from the confirmation e-mail. This way you have a perfect overview of the attendees at all times.

We support your welcome team

Checkpoint A / Abusol provides an event expert on-site who supports your team of hostesses or own staff. Our event expert installs and checks the proper functioning of all check-in tablets or laptops.

We take care of the briefing and instructions for the welcome team. During check-in, we monitor the smooth progress and immediately take action where necessary.




Check-in with tablets or laptops

Depending on the specific circumstances, we provide tablets or laptops for an automated welcome. We always test the specific configuration for your event beforehand, in our offices. This way we are always perfectly prepared on the site.

At the check-in, a color immediately appears on the screen for each visitor:

  • Green = ok

  • Orange = this guest still has to pay

  • Red = a double entrance ticket

When using a barcode or QR code, the full scanning capacity per scanner can go up to 400 guests per hour.

With or without badges?

Here you can discover the badges that we offer.