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A welcome with
face recognition
for a successful start
of your event

We guarantee a smooth welcome without paper lists and long queues. Through our automated check-in with face recognition we identify your guests quickly and easily! This way you have a perfect overview of the attendees at all times.

How does check-in with face recognition work?

  1. Pre-registration

    Completely tailored to your event, we set up a registration website, ensuring that all registrations are completed professionally and correctly. Through the registration form, your guests can register easily, after which they receive a personalized confirmation e-mail.

    When using the face recognition function, after the online registration an additional link is added to the confirmation screen and/or in the confirmation e-mail that offers the possibility to the guest to link a photo to his or her registration.

    This link connects the guest to a website that allows an upload of an existing photo or creation of a new photo via webcam.

    Alternatively this can also be configured as an extension to your own pre-registration system.

    (Discover all the possibilities for our registration websites here.)

  2. Upload a photo

    After clicking the link the guest can choose an existing photo or create a new photo by webcam, and upload it to the website.

    The color and the logo on this page can be set to match the lay-out of your event.

    Based on the photo the system calculates different facial parameters that will be saved for use during check-in at the event.

    Startscherm toevoegen foto aan registratie
    Confirmatie foto goed opgeladen
  1. Check-in at the event

    Checkpoint A / Abusol provides an event expert on-site who supports your team of hostesses or own staff. Our event expert installs and checks the proper functioning of all check-in laptops with camera.

    We take care of the briefing and instructions for the welcome team. During check-in, we monitor the smooth progress and immediately take action where necessary.

    When using the face recognition function, the visitor takes place in front of the camera at the welcome desk. A member of the welcome team activates the face recognition option on the laptop. The system searches the visitor, based on the acquired facial parameters, in the database of online registrations with photo upload.

    Face recognition start screen
    Face recognition search faces

    When a match has been found the name of the visitor is displayed on the screen. The member of the welcome team then has to confirm this is the actual visitor.

    Face recognition check person
    Face recognition checked in

    On approval the visitor is checked in. Is it not the right visitor, or the search provided no result? Then you can still perform a check-in by entrance ticket or search by name.

A welcome with or without badges?

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