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Eventcheckin app is
the perfect substitute
of the paper guest list

We offer a tailor-made service for the welcome and check-in of your guests. We guarantee a smooth welcome without paper lists and long queues. Through our automated check-in we identify your guests quickly and easily by either name or barcode from the confirmation e-mail. This way you have a perfect overview of the attendees at all times.

What are the advantages?

  • Modern & professional image

    A bottleneck for many events? Long waiting queues. This is a thing of the past with the eventcheckin app. The reception with tablets doesn’t only look modern but has also a professional feel to it.

  • Fast & smooth reception

    Type in the first letters of the name, first name or company en select the visitor with a simple touch in the the list. In just a few seconds you can add additional persons or modify the data. Do you wish reception runs even smoother? Add an barcode scanner to the tablets.

  • Clear statistics

    The follow-up of the number of visitors during the event is a piece of cake as it is shown on the app. What if you’re not around reception, but you do like to stay on top of things? Surf with your smartphone the web to statistics so you have a perfect overview at every moment and you are able to decide to postpone an important presentation or speech for another 15 minutes. After the event you can easily download the information, like number of attendees, no-show, arrival times, together with a number of graphs.

  • User-friendly

    The functionality of the eventcheckin app is demonstrated to you by a tutorial video. A clear management manual is delivered to you to manage your own environment and to upload your own guest list. Finished with clumsy paper guest lists at the reception and the additional time to report afterwards.

  • Support

    We are available to offer you support during the set-up of your event. You may trust in our solution-orientated focus and quick handling. Further on we can offer devices such as tablets or scanners for rent or we can deliver pre-printed badges.

Client feedback

  • “Immaculate reception through the eventcheckin app in Hangar 58, Genk!”
  • “Reception with eventcheckin was fantastic: no more queues and an immediately view on who and how many people were present.”
  • “Eventcheckin is for us the next step forward in our process of registration. Also the postprocessing now runs a lot smoother and more practical.”


Examples: use of eventcheckin

How does Eventcheckin work?

  1. Upload the guest list

    Upload your guest list through an Excel file. All uploaded information (such as: name, first name, company but even table, vegetarian, responsible seller,…) is available and shown automatically during the reception and afterwards in the reports. Use checkpoint A / Abusol's solution Eventplus or Eventsite to compile your guestlist. The eventcheckin app can also be used with your own and or existing pre-registration solution.

  2. Configure the screens

    Decide which fields you want to search on, which information you wish to display on the detail screen, and which information you would like to register for unexpected guests.

  3. Synchronise the devices

    Start the app and wait for the information to synchronise. You're now ready to start the reception. If there is Internet connection (wifi, 3G, 4G), the different devices will synchronise and you will see on tablet A if anyone has checked in on tablet B. If the connection drops out, you can continue working but the devices will not synchronise until the connection is restored.

  4. Validate visitors at reception

    Look up visitors in the list or identify visitors by entering the first letters of their company, name or first name.

  5. Reports

    Consult the statistics during the event that way you have a perfect overview. Likewise you can consult and export the complete reports and statistics afterwards.



Download the eventcheckin app and discover the advantages yourself!

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Install eventcheckin by scanning the QR-code or by clicking on the Google Play or App store logo. The application starts immediately with a demo-database to let you experience the benefits.

Do you have an event soon? And you wish to work with tablets and or smartphones at the welcome? Do not hesitate to request a login for your own account with your own database!

Checkpoint A / Abusol can put its smartphones and tablets with or without scanner at your disposal for your event, deliver pre-printed badges or provide live support at the welcome.

Remark: In case it doesn’t work via the Google Play Store click here to download the app directly.


Special action!

Annually, we give 25 professional event managers the opportunity to use the eventcheckin app for free at the welcome of their event for up to 250 guests (one time offer per client). Persuade us and get your free login to take care of the welcome at your event with a digital guest list.

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