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A professional and flawless follow up of the invitation and online registration process and visitor registration are essential for every successful event. Based on our expertise, The ambitious checkpoint A / Abusol team creates a tailor-made offer for every event - no matter how simple or complex. Here you can read some of our success stories.



Event for: Hospitality companies



1. Casino Knokke

2. Antwerp, Parkspoor Noord

Type of event: 

1. Hospitality Award show:  Every year, VENUEZ awards numerous hospitality companies that were discussed in the last six editions of VENUEZ Modern Hospitality Journal. This is done in the style of a true Oscar award ceremony.

2. Modern Hospitality Show / fair: Every year VENUEZ organizes the Modern Hospitality Show, a trade fair where you can see, smell and taste the latest trends in food, drinks and design. The place to be for both experienced entrepreneurs and professionals who take their first steps in the catering sector.

Number of visitors:

1. +/- 580 visitors

 2. +/- 4900 visitors in 3 days

Our services:

-Send invitations with barcode and welcome with live printing of thermal labels for lanyards
-Set up invitation management for exhibitors who can send invitations themselves with personal access codes / discount codes
-Link to the registration page from the Venuez website for people who wanted to buy tickets
-Payment via our registration page
-Sending confirmation e-mails with pdf tickets with barcode
-Check-in at the event and live badge printing of thermal stickers + check-out via handheld devices
-Sending parking tickets and checking parking tickets by handheld devices via scanning of barcode on the ticket.

Our solution and approach:

1. Sending invitations with barcode based on a supplied database + welcome with laptops and thermal printers

2. Registration website based on the look and feel of the event. Several registration pages were set up to make a distinction between several registration flows: ticket sales, ticket sales with discount code. PDF tickets with barcode were sent and could be used for check-in at the welcome of the event. Thermal stickers were printed live at the welcome after ticket scanning, these were stuck on the badge. Due to the maximum capacity of the venue, a barcode was printed on the sticker so that people were also scanned at check-out. This way the organizer had a permanent overview of the number of people present. Parking tickets with barcode were sent to certain guests and these were also scanned at the parking.

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