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A professional and flawless follow up of the invitation and online registration process and visitor registration are essential for every successful event. Based on our expertise, The ambitious checkpoint A / Abusol team creates a tailor-made offer for every event - no matter how simple or complex. Here you can read some of our success stories.

Actiris ON AIR


Event for: Staff of Actiris

Our client: The Oval office

Location: Docks Dome, Lambermontlaan 1, 1000 Brussels

Type of event:  Staff party

Number of visitors: 704 visitors

Our services:
-Welcome with scanning and tablets + support Abusol

Our solution and approach: From The Oval Office we received a list with QR codes so that we could configure the tablets for check-in. They sent the invitation e-mails with QR code plus the confirmation e-mail. At the welcome the ticket (printed or digital) of the visitor was scanned so that they were automatically checked in. Afterwards they received a stamp (provided by The Oval Office) as proof of attendance. Guests who did not bring their ticket could were looked up by name and then checked in. Afterwards the client received an extensive report of who was present.

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